December 2019 – Milaad , Dua at Rochedale Mosque

The Islamic Society of Qld (ISQ)  Inc hosted their monthly Milaad for December at the Rochedale Mosque on Saturday 14th December from Magrib to Esha with Dinner provided after the Esha Salaat.

The dinner was hosted by Br.Ali Hussain & family who also had a dua for their mother who had her janaza in Brisbane recently.  There were over 200 people at the Milaad/Dua program where Maulana Aslam Qadri provided the keynote lecture focusing on the role of mothers in the Islamic society and the significance of having a  dua on their behalf after they pass away.

Donations were also collected on the day for the Qld Drought & Fire Appeal for the farmers & fire victims. Ml. Aslam prayed for rain to the drought stricken areas in his dua.

ISQ inc. runs a monthly Mauloud program on the second Saturday on every month at the Rochedale Mosque from Magrib and all Muslim brothers & sisters are welcome to attend.