Maulana Yousef - Chief Guest

Jan ’20 Mawlid Progam

The Islamic Society of Queensland Inc. held its first Mawlid program for 2020 on the Saturday 11 January at the Rochedale Masjid from Magrib to Esha.

The key note address was delivered by Maulana Yousef who presented the Islamic perspective of environmental protection and resource conservation under the current global climate.

The focus was also on the younger generation learning and understanding the Islamic appreciation of the universe and our earth in particular and how we can take a better care of the global resources.

The attendance at the program was very well received by the Society who had hosted the program, providing meals and dessert to all those attending.

The Society again reminds all Muslims in the area that they are invited to the monthly Milaad program at the Rochedale Masjid every second Saturday of the month commencing at Magrib and concluding at Esha with a free dinner and dessert.

The January Mawlid program held on the second Saturday, 12th at Rochedale Masjid was a successful event for the Society, because in the past, it had been a practise to skip the Milaad program in January due to low turnout. This was due to many members still being away on holidays and busy with other social events like weddings, hosting visitors etc. This year the Executive Committee decided to go ahead and host the Mawlid program themselves at the Society’s cost.  With regular weekly posts on CCN (Crescent Community News on Brisbane) website and two bulk text messaging reminders, it seems the wider membership base is getting the message and turning up in good numbers at the program. 

The Society has been also actively distributing a Members Benefit Card at the program to remind members of the many benefits that the Society is offering all members. It encourages them to renew their financial membership and/or fill out a new member registration form if they are willing to join the Society. Although the response is slow for potential members to react, the Society intends to continue promoting itself at these gatherings.