March ’20 Mawlid Program

ISQ’s March ’20 Mawlid program was held at the Rochedale masjid on Saturday 14th March where Maulana Aslam was the chief guest. While his focus of his address was on the month of Rajab and the coming month of Shahban as we approach the month of Ramadhan, the program was also

dedicated as Esale Sawaab Dua for 3 brothers associated with the Society who recently passed away.

The ISQ Executive Committee members gathered prior to the program to conduct an extra ordinary Executive meeting to make significant decisions. Over some hot tea & coffee, the members discussed some urgent business then worked together to set up the hall for dinner. After the program and dinner, they again worked together to clean up and put away all furniture- it was very satisfying to see all members coordinating together so well and pose for photograph while doing so. Insha Allah.

The ISQ Executive Committee conducted an Extra Ordinary meeting just before magrib to make some very serious decision regarding their April program due the restrictions being imposed by the Government on large public gatherings in light of the Corona virus pandemic. The decision was made to cancel the April Mawlid on the 11th of April and to postpone the April 18th Pre-Ramadhan Fundraising Dinner Night until after Eid.

These decisions were to comply with the Government’s general advice to avoid large gatherings to reduce the risks of spreading the Corona virus as we were approaching the peak flu season of the winter months. This decision was announced to the people attending the program, citing that this was the most responsible thing for the Society to do under the circumstances.

The March Mawlid program was again well attended by over 150 people despite the caution of Corona virus risk and a wedding of a member’s daughter’s. There were a number of new faces in the program and the dinner after the program was well received by all present.
Maulana Aslam’s motivating address on the month of Rajab and Shahban was very educational and inspiring. He also made a lengthy dua for the members and other Muslim brothers & sisters who had passed away and for “Shifa” against the Corona Virus.